Melvin Noble, better known by his rap moniker Mo3, was gunned down on Interstate 35 in Dallas, texas, by an as of yet unidentified assailant. Noble’s death was announced via a Twitter statement by his record label.

While driving northbound along the I-35, Noble was approached by another vehicle. For an as of yet unknown reason, Noble stopped the car when he identified a man walking out of the other vehicle and began running south to get away from him. Several shots were fired in his direction, with one fatally wounding the young rapper, who was declared dead upon arriving at a nearby hospital. At least one other passenger sustained injuries though did not die.

The independent label, Empire, posted a Twitter tribute to the deceased artist. It featured a photograph of Noble and read, “Empire has lost a member of our family today – Dallas’ own Mo3. We share this loss with Mo3’s family, team, and fans. His infectious personality and unrivaled talent brought joy and therapy to his legion of followers across the country. We can only hope to continue his legacy and push forward with the same energy that Mo3 shared with the world.” The tweet finished off with a “Long Live Mo3.”

Dallas Police Department spokesman Sergeant Warren Mitchell denounced the crime’s recklessness. “It has to be, I mean, you think of the location and all the people who could be standing around, or the other innocent people who could have been seriously injured,” said the officer. “I don’t know a better word to describe it other than brazen. I mean, broad daylight. Several cars around. They could care less who else might be injured. Gunfire that could go astray.”

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