A disturbing clip of a Kremlin propagandist was uploaded to Twitter last week. Vladimir Solovyov, nicknamed “Putin’s Voice” for his unflinching support of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions, threatened a viewer on his show Full Contact.

A viewer Rozumovsky sent a question trying to discredit the tv show host. “Maybe it’s time to stop presenting lies as the truth? Stop deceiving people. Rational thinking people no longer believe any of this.”


Solovyov responded to the question, as well as the rest of the message, with intimidation. “You know what, Victor? If you are in Russia, we are going to find you,” the host said while adding, “We will find out everything about you. You won’t know a moment’s peace.”

Full Contact’s Solovyov has been an avid supporter of the Russian invasion of Ukraine since it began in February. It took until October for the host to admit to the invasion as a “war” instead of the “special military operation” he has repeatedly called it. The threat came after the propagandist discussed the difficulties with equipment in regard to the war.

“On the training site, those who are yet to make it to the battlefield, many are dressed in whatever was given to them by their county. It would be ideal if that was supplied by the army, but we are realists, so we say it how it is and not the way we would like it to be,” he said.

The man named “Putin’s Voice” described a pair of soldiers at the training site wearing knee pads constructed of “empty bottles” and some not even with that much. Solovyov demanded that the Defense Ministry begin equipping the troops.

Western sources for months now have been revealing how little equipment Russian troops have had. Last week, British Defense chiefs talked about the problems the frontline troops have had with munitions. Other sources talk about conscripts having to buy clothing and body armor themselves.

It is estimated by the U.S. and its allies that roughly 200,000 troops have been killed or injured, including both the Russians and Ukrainians. Civilian casualties are estimated to be around 40,000.

There have been numerous reports of Putin’s declining health since the war began.

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