Madonna is revealing a little bit more about her new persona, Madame X. As Madame X, Madonna wears an eye patch, which has a silver X on it.

In a recent interview with Today, Madonna explained who she thinks Madame X is. “She’s a spy,” Madonna said. “She’s a secret agent. She travels the world. She changes her identity.” Madonna said that her inspiration for this name came from a dance teacher she had when she was nineteen. Her teacher, Martha Graham, nicknamed Madonna ‘Madame X,’ since she herself could never find one concrete identity for Madonna.

“I have my days when I feel like a warrior and invincible, and I have my days where I feel like an open wound,” the singer said. “Because if you don’t make yourself vulnerable, you can’t channel creativity.”

Madonna explained that her life filled with creativity, and that there is never a moment in her life when creativity is not being used. “The more kids you have the better you’ll be as a parent,” Madonna said.

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