After weeks of uncertainty following Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood star Apple Watts’ awful car crash which left her extremely injured and unresponsive, her sister has revealed that the rapper recently came to and has begun the process of recovery with speech and physical therapy.

Dominique Flournoy, who has been by Watts’ side through much of the process, first shared the news that Watts’ had come to her Instagram followers on May 28. “My sister is Fuc$n (sic) talking!” Flournoy wrote joyously.

Her latest update from Monday was the longest in a while, which makes sense since her sister is more attentive now. Flournoy said Watts is “up and alert she understands and follows commands,” and said she is currently “in speech therapy so that her trachea can be removed and that therapy helps her with speech and swallowing.”

The reality star has also been making slow steps towards movement but still in a very limited capacity. Flournoy wrote that Watts’ current physical challenge she’s overcoming is being able to “balance herself while sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor,” so it’s clear she’s still very weak right now.

Flournoy didn’t share much else besides the fact that they are planning on transferring her from her current hospital to a new one, and she is still working to “speed the process” up. If you are a fan of Watts and want to support her on what will surely be a long and expensive road to recovery, you can donate to her GoFundMe campaign here.

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