The legendary actress and singer Liza Minelli took to the Oscars stage with help from Lady Gaga to present the biggest award of the night.

While Minelli, 76, had some moments of confusion reading her lines, even saying, “I don’t understand” and shuffling her notecards at the beginning, her sweetness and warm energy came out in spades. Lady Gaga, 36, was very supportive of who she called “a true show business legend.” According to Minelli’s former publicist, Lady Gaga “requested that Liza present the award with her.”

The singer also noted that this year marked the 50th anniversary of Cabaret, which won Minelli the “O” of her EGOT. The pair even sang a tiny snippet of the show’s opener “Wilkommen” to cheers from the audience.

After Minelli attempted to introduce the nominees haltingly, Lady Gaga assisted her in reading the final line and leaned down to say, “I got you,” encouragingly. Minelli quickly responded by saying, “I know, thank you.” This was lauded as a very sweet and human moment during a sometimes chaotic ceremony.

Before announcing the award, Minelli spoke to the audience, proclaiming “Hi everybody! I’m so happy to be here, and especially with you, I’m your biggest fan,” looking at Lady Gaga. Minelli then got to announce that CODA won the last of all three Oscars it was nominated for.

You can watch Minelli and Lady Gaga present Best Picture below;

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