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Liz Asaro dropped by the uInterview New York City offices for an exclusive chat about her singing and songwriting career and her latest single, “1000 Years.”


Liz Asaro recently released her latest single “1000 Years.” “I’ve been writing music for a few years now, and along my crazy journey I met a producer and he has a studio in West Cork, Ireland, and I was at a point where I needed someone to help me shape this music, and I went out there and it’s this beautiful studio on the ocean in Ireland, and we laid down some chords for a few new songs, and I would go upstairs and just write all the lyrics and the melodies.” As for the particular inspiration behind “1000 Years,” Asaro explained, “I kind of think a lot about human nature and why we’re here, and what happened on this spot on the Earth yesterday, 10 years ago, 3000 years ago, and I just started writing about that concept.”

Asaro was lucky enough to work with David Bowie‘s old band members, namely Gerry Leonard, in the studio on her song. Speaking of the experience, she said, “He had 12 instruments, his pedal board is like a space ship, and I was like, ‘Wow, these guys really care about this.’ It was sort of the first time I’d had people in the studio playing for me, and [Leonard’s] so incredibly thoughtful about everything he does. He started laying down one sound and I was like, ‘wow, that’s amazing,’ and then he just listens through and he’d lay down another sound, and by the end you just have all these layers,” she described. “It changed the shape and emotion of the song so much. He’s smart, he’s creative, he’s fun, and then Sterling, it’s like floating on air, playing with [drummer] Sterling Campbell. He’s just a monster player, but when you look at him he just barely moves when he’s paying, it’s kind of amazing.”

Overall the experience has stuck with Asaro in a beautiful way. “They have so much knowledge and experience and talent, and they are exremeluy calm and cool and humble,” she gushed. “And they’re so supportive, I’m so lucky to have come across them.”

On describing her own sound, Asaro says, “I’m a rock girl. I love rock, I’ve always loved rock, and I feel like it has to come back. People, even when they don’t listen to it, have almost forgotten how those real instruments make us feel. I want it to be in the rock genre, so I think I would describe [my music] as a pop rock or an alternative rock.”

Check out Liz Asaro and guitarist Jay Shepherd perform “1000 Years” live in the uInterview office.

‘1000 Years’ by Liz Asaro (LIVE) by Uinterview

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