If you want to watch the latest horror-comedy from the director of Clerks and Dogma, you won’t be able to go to theaters or even boot up Netflix, that would be too simple. Instead, Smith and the film’s producers have announced that the movie, along with extra art materials and behind-the-scenes footage, will be only viewable if fans purchase it as a limited-edition NFT.


Smith was planning to release the project last year and already wanted it to be an NFT, but told the site Decrypt that most potential partners came off as “scammy” to him. He has finally announced a partnership in the Secret Network blockchain and will be launching the Killroy Was Here NFTs on their Legendao platform.

The film, which was shot back in 2017 and 2018 in collaboration with the Ringling College of Art and Design, will obviously be a key part of the NFT. It seems that passes to view the film will be limited to 5,555 total NFTs, which will also give users access to their own unique Killroy NFT image, and extra footage. An official cost for the NFT hasn’t been mentioned, but Smith promised the price would be “not that far removed from buying a steel book version of a DVD.”

Another interesting element of the drop is that fans will be able to use the character of Killroy for their own projects should they buy into it. Smith intends to share the proceeds of any artists that use the Killroy likeness provided by the NFT, and told Decrypt that he hopes to compile the best of fan-generated content to have “sequels galore that the audience is involved with.”

It’s worth considering that Smith could have done this all without the NFT platform by just announcing that he wouldn’t be enforcing copyright on this original character, though it stands to reason that a traditional movie studio may have resisted that notion. It’s interesting to see him attempt to get buyers engaged in the product more than other NFT releases.

Killroy Was Here, which was inspired in part by a character created and sketched by American GIs during World War II, stars Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn SmithAzita GhanizadaRyan O’NanChris Jericho and Justin Kucsulain. It’s being billed as a comedy-horror anthology telling several separate tales about a monster that hunts down anyone who harms children.

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