After it was reported Tuesday that Kanye West and his girlfriend of a few months, Chaney Jones, had broken up, she got in the comments of one publication to deny the claims.

TMZ first reported on Tuesday that it seemed that West and Jones had broken up after a trip to Japan. They also shared a photo of West viewing Top Gun: Maverick with another woman, later identified as the model Monica Corgan.

While Jones did indeed get rid of all pictures with Kanye on her Instagram, she later went back on the app to ridicule TMZ for their coverage. In an Instagram comment under the post about the breakup, Jones wrote “Please stop posting and spreading fake news about my relationship. Have some respect, it’s his birthday.”

It was indeed West’s 45th birthday yesterday, June 8. Jones, 25, posted several images celebrating their five-month relationship, including a simple one where the two were laughing at silly facial filters on her phone.

A source told Page Six that the couple’s relationship had become “choppy” while in Japan, and also noted “You know how things are. Tomorrow they might be posted together again.” Given how much unpredictable behavior West has displayed recently, it’s certainly believable that a brief breakup did happen.

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