Netflix has dropped a new clip for the upcoming science-fiction thriller film Spiderhead, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Chris Hemsworth as a prison overseer who experiments on two inmates (Miles Teller, Jurnee Smollett) with emotion-altering drugs. Jurnee is the sister of disgraced Empire star Jussie Smollett. who was sentenced to serve 150 days in jail faking a hate crime.

The film is adapted from the George Saunders short story “Escape From Spiderhead,” and the following clip introduces the strange, emotion-bending drugs that Teller and Smollett’s characters are subjected to. It’ll be interesting to see Hemsworth in a bit more of an ambiguous and menacing role instead of being the just good guy saving the day.

Teller just had a well-received appearance in Top Gun: Maverick, also directed by Kosinski. He had a recent starring role in the Paramount+ dramatization of The Godfather’s development called The Offer, which received mixed reviews.

Smollett has been acting since she was a child with a 12-episode arc on Full House. She received an Emmy Award nomination for her role as Letitia in Lovecraft County, and also appeared as Black Canary in the 2020 DC film, Birds Of Prey.

Smollett will be returning to the character for a Black Canary movie on HBO Max, which will be written by Lovecraft County scribe Misha Green.

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