Legendary rocker Joan Jett will be touring this summer with other legendary bands from the ’80s including Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Poison. She recently noted that misogyny is “very prevalent, all over rock and roll. Look all I can do as the woman I am is go out there and show an alternative view and do it my way.”


Jett told Rolling Stone that “If I had to weed out every band you thought was problematic, I mean, there wouldn’t be many left. And I think everyone’s being a little… Chill out, it’s music.”

When asked about whether misogyny has changed in the genre, she maintained that the groups she listened to “weren’t necessarily at all misogynistic, but I’m talking about guys like Fugazi,” though she didn’t care to defend the bands she shares the bill with that have also been accused of misogyny. “I would say probably not as misogynistic [now], just because of their openness to getting criticized about it, because you get creamed online and people seem to care about that.”

Jett also said she worried that people getting criticized online “doesn’t mean that it changes who they are, so maybe that’s dangerous. It goes underground.”

Ahead of the tour, which will have its first stop this June, Jett released her first-ever acoustic album Changeup which features refreshing acoustic guitar covers of some of her classics including “Bad Reputation” and “Cherry Bomb.”

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