Jay Alvarrez, Instagram influencer and music producer, just turned 22 on July fifth and along with that, he shared an emotional birthday message for himself to his 5.3 million followers. Below his picture of him relaxing at a tropical oasis, he wrote a long caption allowing people to have a peek into his mind.

Alvarrez expressed his gratitude to all of the people who have supported him over the years and is in awe of the opportunities and adventures he has thus been able to have. One of his recent ventures has included the release of his new electronica song, “UAE.”


🔮I don't deserve this day in a way.. maybe because I wake up every morning & rely on my mind and creativity for work and not having to go sit at school or a desk job.. That's really enough to be thankful forever. 🍾🎉 July 5th is the day I was spawn into this game we call life, 22 years and counting.. Remember being 11 looking at my dad like holy fuck how did you get to be 40 that must of took you so long 🤣.. Shit time flys. I could say a million different things and in different ways.. Maybe luck or maybe fate but my life is in a way that my younger self wouldn't believe I'm able to do all the things i've dreamed of.. even now I feel like I've experienced so many things I don't even know what's left now? I've really turned recently to more mentally & emotionally.. It's always been apart of who I am but it's a major part of what I want to be more wise of.. 🙏🏽 Over the years i've had thousands of people spill there mind and hearts to me saying i've inspired or motivated.. Sometimes I don't understand this but i'm thankful for you because you helped enable me to do more of the things I craved to do & Ive learned a lot from you all.. I always preferred to Coexist 👥 in the shadows because my thoughts were to misunderstood for most around me.. Once I followed my Ideas out loud & I met people & been around the world my mind had been changed forever… 💡My minds lost in thoughts as usual & regardless of all the sun is shining another day on my skin & my mind yearns to learn.. no complaints. Thank you for all your love to this psychotic mind of mine 💕🤞🏽💦

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Alvarrez first came on to the public radar in 2015 when he and then-girlfriend, Alexis Ren’s popularity on YouTube and Instagram blew up from their photos and videos. These were not your ordinary images. They were documenting a lifestyle of luxury through the lives of the good-looking couple.

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In 2016, the model couple — that fans often categorized as “goals” or “relationship goals” — ended their relationship. Public arguments between the two continued on social media into 2017. In February, Ren tweeted criticizing her ex’s genitalia size, however, it has since been deleted. He replied to her low blow with a bold video of himself in his underwear.

The model has since deleted all her pictures on social media with Alvarrez and both have continued onto different paths.