Gwyneth Paltrow‘s lifestyle company Goop confused potential customers with a Wednesday Instagram post advertising the “Diapér,” a fur-lined disposable diaper with ambers fastened to it to boot. The Instagram post also said it would be dropping Thursday morning at a price of $120 for a set of 12.

After online onlookers were left confused for most of the day, Paltrow uploaded a video to the Goop account Wednesday evening revealing it was a fake stunt to raise attention to the high price of diapers and to advocate for adjusting laws in many states that cause diapers to be taxed as a luxury item. “If treating diapers like a luxury makes you mad, so should taxing them like a luxury,” the caption reads. The high price tag of the fake product was meant to reflect the increased financial burden that the luxury tax lumps on families in 33 U.S. states.

They called on people to donate to the nonprofit Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that is focused on distributing resources to families with young children in poverty. While some found the stunt ridiculous and almost too believable to be effective, any attention gathered towards a good cause is positive, so check out this video from the nonprofit’s YouTube channel which highlights the financial struggles families have been placed under.

While Paltrow and her company have been raising attention to this issue, there has also been a nationwide shortage of baby formula in the United States that has rocked parents and lawmakers attempting to address the problem.

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