In a new blog post from his personal website, fantasy author and screenwriter George R.R. Martin addressed several projects he has in development, including interesting projects in early stages and the next novel in his Song Of Ice And Fire series that fans have been clamoring for.

“I seem to have an enormous number of projects … I know, I know, for many of you, only one of those projects matters. I am sorry for you. They ALL matter to me,” Martin began his blog frankly. He confirmed that he is still working on The Winds Of Winter, the planned sixth out of seven volumes in the Song Of Ice And Fire series, and called it “wearisome” having to assure people he is still doing so.

“I made a lot of progress on Winds in 2020, and less in 2021… but ‘less’ is not ‘none.'” Martin added. He has only added to his plate as the years have gone on, saying “Westeros has become bigger than THE WINDS OF WINTER.” Along with Winds, Martin added that his novel projects include working on the sequel to Fire & Blood, the history of House Targaryen, and also several novellas in his Dunk & Egg series. Since these books all have television series in development attached, the deadlines likely took heavy priority over Winds.

Martin also confirmed that he has been heavily involved in the production of the next slate of shows set in Westeros heading to HBO. Even though all the shows have their own writers attached, Martin is “Deeply, heavily involved in every one of the new shows … ultimately it is up to me to try and keep the canon… well, canonical.” The first series coming, House Of The Dragon is now in post-production according to Martin and “What I have seen, I have loved.”


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The writer was more tight-lipped about other potential series further down the pipe, but he said they include “live-action shows for HBO and animated shows for HBO Max.” In keeping with the uncertain nature of making a TV show, he simply said he hopes, “a number of these shows will get on the air. Not all, no, it is never all, but more than one. I certainly hope so.”

He also added that a few of these ideas are “quite different in tone and approach than what has gone before.” This certainly could pique the curiosity of some fantasy fans that weren’t able to stomach the darker aspects of the Game of Thrones HBO series. Martin also mentioned writers helming these series in forms of early scripting, which included Bruno Heller, known for creating Rome, writer/producer Amanda Segel, and writer/director Steve Conrad.

Martin had even less info about the animated series, only saying that it was set in the eastern continent of Yi Ti and had the working title of The Golden Empire. He also lauded the concept art coming from the show and that “a great young writer” is working with him to realize the project.

And if that wasn’t enough, Martin still had more non-GOT projects to mention that he is executive producing, including HBO’s Roadmarks and AMC’s Dark Winds.

With a mountain of projects and deadlines almost rivaling the size of Westeros itself, it’s pretty stunning that Martin has still been releasing anything at all. It’s nice to hear him say he is still working on A Song Of Ice And Fire, but some fans have lamented that this long-running series may never see an end due to all the other commitments he’s taking.

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