Gabby Petito was laid to rest Sunday in Holbrook, N.Y. Family, close friends and hundreds of mourners came together to remember the 22-year old TouTube star and pay their respects.

Gabby’s father Joseph Petito gave a speech to those in attendance to honor his daughter and share the kind of person she was.

“Gabby is the most amazing person I’ve ever met,” he said in his eulogy, “I’m asking that you guys be inspired by the way she treated people, all people… she genuinely loved people.”

In his speech, he spoke directly to those in attendance with a message of taking action and enjoy life and its opportunities.

“If there’s a trip you want to take, take it now,” he urged, “Do it now while you’ve got the time. If there’s a relationship that you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now.”

Gabby’s stepfather Jim Schmidt also gave a speech at the funeral service. He had traveled to Wyoming to try and find his step-daughter. Gabby was found dead last weekend in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming in unmarked campgrounds. Her fiance who was also on the trip, Brian Laundrie, is currently missing despite spending the summer traveling with his fiancee.

Schmidt shared his grief over losing Gabby in his speech.

“Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children,” he said, “That’s not how this is supposed to work.”

He continued; “It’s okay to mourn for Gabby, It’s okay to feel sorrow and pain. But we want to celebrate her and how she lived her life. We need to hold on to all of those wonderful memories we shared with her because that will be the answer. Let it be.”

Gabby’s family is currently creating a foundation that provides resources to other families looking for their missing children.

Laundrie is currently missing but authorities have issued a federal warrant for his arrest after he used a debit card that wasn’t his. He is also considered a person of interest in the case.

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