Emma Heming Willis, the wife of actor Bruce Willis who was recently diagnosed with the condition aphasia, has said in a new interview that she eventually ends up “under-caring” for herself because of how much her family relies on her.

“I put my family’s needs before my own,” she told The Bump in a new interview. “That amount of care for everyone else within my household had taken a toll on my mental health and overall health, and it served no one.” She added that she received important advice recently which was that “when you over-care for someone, you end up under-caring for yourself.”

She did not mention her husband’s condition as a particular increase of stress, but it can be assumed that she is helping at least a little to take care of him now that he’s retired from acting, on top of what she was already doing for their children. She said that “exercise” was something she could do for herself that helped her a lot.

The actress’ biggest piece of advice for new mothers is to “find that one thing that makes you feel good and build from there.” Later in the interview, she also added that you should, “stop listening to unsolicited advice. One size does not fit all. Each child and family are different, which means the needs are different. Follow what feels right for you versus the naysayers.”

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