Dynasty‘s reboot from the 1980s original is now available to stream on Netflix and the immense drama is palpable.


The series once again follows the Carrington family under patriarch Blake (Grant Show), who runs Carrington Atlantic. His fashion-minded daughter Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and fiancée Cristal (Nathalie Kelley) will steal the show. He also has a son Steven, who is gay, a fan of renewable energy, and is not interesting in the family business.

Fallon is a fun character, always being underestimated because of her beauty, but really she is whip-smart and unwavering. She is sleeping with her chauffeur Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley), who sometimes acts as her personal spy. She doesn’t understand why her father is delaying making her the COO of Carrington Atlantic.

The show begins with Blake calling both children back to their estate. Fallon expects to be promoted while Steven thinks he’ll get an apology, but once they arrive, they realize he only wanted them their to meet his new fiancée. Cristal is unsurprisingly similar to Fallon, which drives the daughter nuts. She vows to drive Cristal out of the company and out of her father’s house. And Cristal, the PR rep for Carrington Atlantic, has also been having an affair with a married man named Matthew (Nick Wechsler).

Matthew is very much in love with Cristal, but still won’t leave his wife Claudia (Brianna Brown). Cristal’s infidelity, however, is exposed to Blake through some meddling by Fallon and Michael. Instead of confronting her, Blake speaks nicely with Matthew (who apparently works for Carrington Atlantic also) and sends him out to a job site where, incidentally, a huge explosion occurs and Matthew is killed.

And to top it all off, Blake goes ahead and marries Cristal at their engagement party to stick it to Fallon for trying to sabotage their relationship. Talk about family drama.

A side plot is that Fallon, upset with Blake, is planning to launch her own business with Blake’s rival and onetime employee Jeff Colby (Sam Adegike). He is also a romantic rival for Michael the chauffeur. And how can we forget the butler (Alan Dale) or Cristal’s bad-boy nephew Sam (Rafael de la Feunte) in all this. Sam and Steven hook up before meeting formally at the wedding and realizing they are step-cousins.

This show is looking to be rife with drama, and episodes become available each Thursday on Netflix.

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