Donald Trump Jr. complained about a $33 billion aid package that President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve to send to Ukraine during a key moment of the Russia-Ukraine War as Russian forces move eastward in the country.

“We can’t stand by as the Russians continue their atrocities and aggression in Ukraine,” Biden said last Thursday when he announced the aid package. “Every day the Ukrainians are paying with their lives for this fight, and we need to contribute arms, funding, ammunition and the economic support to make their courage and sacrifice have a purpose so they can continue this fight and do what they’re doing.”

The majority of the funding, around $20 billion reportedly, will go towards supplying arms and other military aid, with $8 billion accounting for economic aid and another $3 billion for humanitarian aid.

“Hard pass,” Don Jr. snapped in response, saying the U.S. should prioritize things like education and securing the border. He said the funds would be “looted by corrupt politicians,” if approved by Congress, though he didn’t cite an actual suspect who would be responsible.

The 45th President’s son was also mocked back in March when he said Biden should step aside and let Trump attend NATO talks regarding Ukraine. “Sending Biden to Europe for ‘High Stakes’ NATO talks will only embolden our enemies further. If you want to get something done right send Trump,” he wrote.

Biden has been attempting to help Ukraine as much as possible without intervening with U.S. military forces since it’s feared that Russia could retaliate swiftly against any aggressing country with its nuclear arsenal.

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