Footage of Ezra Miller interacting with police on the night they were arrested at a Hawaii karaoke bar has been released. The actor reportedly berated a woman who was singing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born, and “lunged” at a man playing darts before police were called to the bar, Margarita Village. The video begins outside the bar where a man tells police that Miller, “spit in my face” while “I was just playing darts.”

Police then enter the bar, where Miller can be seen near the entryway filming on an iPhone. “I got assaulted and I started filming, I can show you the video,” Miller is heard saying before they (Miller uses the “they” pronoun) are asked to exit the bar. Miller then said they were assaulted in the bar “twice in a row,” and said the assaults took place because of “NFT crypto art.”

The actor then began pacing around the parking lot becoming increasingly agitated, repeating “tell me your name and your badge number,” multiple times to several officers at the scene. Miller began retreating from officers who slowly pursued them down the road. Miller walked a long way away from the bar before eventually being handcuffed and brought back.

“I’m being arrested for disorderly conduct?” Miller says quizzically when the officer filming reaches them again. “Okay, I was assaulted, you understand that, right?” Miller then argues with their arresting officer, saying, “I was complying. you said get off the road, I got off the road. So what did I do wrong?” Miller also claimed that the man they allegedly assaulted, “declared himself as a Nazi, I have it on film, and he attacked me.”

Miller was also arrested last month in Hawaii when they reportedly threw a chair at a female guest of a private party in Pāhoa.

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