Carole Baskin‘s lawsuit to block the planned release of Tiger King 2 has failed for now.

The new season will launch on the streaming platform on November 17.

Baskin and her husband Howard Baskin sued Netlfix and Royal Goode Productions over what they are calling “unauthorized” use of footage of the Big Cat Rescue CEO. A federal judge in Florida has denied the couple their request for a temporary restraining order.

Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington said on Monday, “While the court understands the Baskins’ frustration, it does not appear that inclusion of Defendants’ footage of the Baskins will cause any immediate harm that cannot be compensated with monetary damages.”

The judge continued with the order: “Importantly, the court merely finds that the Baskins are not entitled to the extraordinary remedy of a temporary restraining order, which would be entered before Defendants have had an adequate opportunity to respond.”

The ruling doesn’t mean the couple can’t continue with their lawsuit. “The motion is referred to the Honorable Thomas G. Wilson, United States Magistrate Judge… for an evidentiary hearing and the issuance of a Report and Recommendation,” the ruling read.

The five episodes of Season Two of the worldwide hit are directed by Rebecca Chalklin and Eric Goode.

The couple had previous issues with Netlfix as they investigated Big Cat Rescue and the depiction of Baskin, including her involvement with the disappearance of her first husband in 1997.

The former frontman of the Big Cats Joe Exotic, is currently imprisoned for his role in a murder-for-hire scheme against Baskin and violating federal wildlife laws.

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