Carlos Santana has successfully undergone a heart procedure. He is cancelling his December shows set in Las Vegas while he recovers.

Santana released a video message on Wednesday and said he asked his wife to take him to the hospital on Saturday because of an issue with his chest.

“I’m going to be taking time of for a little bit to make sure that I replenish and rest and catch up with my health,” he said. “So when I play for you I play the way I’m used to and go you 150%.”

He affirmed his plans to return for his performances in January 2022.

Michael Vrionis, president of Universal Tone Management, said the 74-year-old musician underwent an “unscheduled heart procedure,” but gave no details.

The 10-time Grammy winner’s heart procedure and recovery gave Santana no choice but to cancel his concerts at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino through the end of the year. He’s set to resume performances in the new year.

“Carlos is doing fantastic and is anxious to be back on stage soon,” Vrionis said in a statement. “He profoundly retreats that this ‘speed bump’ necessitated the cancellation of his upcoming performances.”

Earlier this year, Santana released the album “Blessings and Miracles,” which includes collaborations with Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, and more.

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