In the midst of Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Friday morning, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was heckled and booed by onlookers while approaching the St. Paul’s Cathedral for the jubilee’s thanksgiving service.

While some people cheered for Johnson when he appeared at the cathedral with his wife Carrie, there was a chorus of boos from others as well. There was no similar reaction when Keir Starmer, leader of the opposing Labour party, arrived at St Paul’s.

Victoria Derbyshire, a BBC commentator, even noted that Johnson received a “substantial amount” of boos when he appeared. You can see part of her report which includes some footage of the awkward entrance below.

Johnson received similar treatment upon his exit as well, according to this video from a Twitter user.

Queen Elizabeth II was unable to attend the thanksgiving service this morning as she began experiencing discomfort last night.

The boos likely have to do with the Partygate controversy Johnson has been mired in. He was first accused of hosting parties for against Covid-19 lockdown rules for Conservative leadership during Christmas of 2020 last year.

A report into these allegations was published on Wednesday, which showed photo evidence of Johnson and other politicians at parties in Downing Street. Several prominent and former British politicians have called for Johnson’s resignation, and lower-level bureaucrats spotted at the gatherings have already resigned or stepped away from certain positions including a former press secretary Allegra Stratton and assembly member Shaun Bailey.

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