The Bachelor has returned for its 22nd season and with it brings a controversial man in charge: Arie Luyendyk Jr. of NASCAR fame.


When Luyendyk was announced as the latest Bachelor months ago, he was met with upset and confusion by the Bachelor Nation crowd. He was a finalist in season 8 of The Bachelorette, but the lackluster bachelor seemed to be no one’s first choice as frontman for season 22. This season began with a recap of Arie’s heartbreak back in season 8 with Bachelorette Emily Maynard.

After racing constantly to ease his pain, and switching into a real estate career, Arie assures America, he is ready to find true love. His prospective loves are Caroline, 26, Chelsea, 29, Kendall, 26, Sienne, 27, Tia, 26, Bibiana, 30, Bri, 25, Jenny, 25, Brittane J., 27, Jacqueline, 26, Krystal, 29, Nysha, 30, Valerie, 25, Bekah M., no age, Jenna, 28, Jessica, 26, Marikh, 27, Olivia, 23, Becca K., 27, Lauren S., 31, Lauren J., 33, Lauren B., 25, Lauren G., 26, Ashley, 25, Brittany T., 30, Amber, 29, Ali, 27, Annaliese, 32, and Maquel, 23.

This episode is mostly having Arie (and the viewers) meet the 29 women who will attempt to woo him over the course of the season. Chelsea steals Arie away first, but doesn’t give him much information other than she is mysterious. She seems like the catty contestant, and one the other women won’t trust. Brittany T. on the other hand, steals Arie away and gets the first kiss of season 22. Clearly wanting to get the upper hand, Chelsea jumps back in and kisses Arie herself, after which he says, “That was nice, thank you.” Normally that sounds like a bad reaction, but Arie gives Chelsea the First Impression rose.

At the end of the episode and all the awkward conversations, Arie has to give out 20 more roses, aside from the first he gave to Chelsea. This means that 8 women are headed home after night one, and they are Jessica, Amber, Ali, Bri, Brittane J., Lauren J., Nysha, and Olivia.

We’re ready for tonight… are you? #TheBachelor

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