Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were detained in Romania on charges of rape and human trafficking late last December, but that hasn’t stopped them from voicing their opinions from jail.

Andrew, 36, gained fame in 2022 from controversial and sexist statements he consistently made while being featured on several different podcasts. He even has his own podcast on Apple Music, The Tate Speech on which he openly labeled himself a misogynist, and made content surrounding the idea that men should have “authority” over their female partners. While many internet users believed Andrew was just making outrageous comments for media attention, it appears as though he does in fact practice what he preaches.

The Tate brothers are currently being in jail held for their third month in Romania, a country Andrew decided to live in because “rape laws are more lenient there.”

Officials said that the Tates would recruit victims by pursuing relationships with women, then transport them to a house where they were under 24-hour surveillance and then force them to act in porn videos. The Tate’s threatened their victims with physical violence if they did not comply.

The Tate brothers seem to be just as outrageous from behind bars and have been making demands from their jail cells. They are asking for luxury items such as a PlayStation to have while they stay behind bars.

In one instance, the Tates asked for a hairdresser because the razors provided to them by the prison were “unusable.” The Tates are even allowed to buy fruit and candy while in prison and are served luxury steaks for dinner.

Their most recent request for a PlayStation was laughed off by their guards, who allegedly responded to their request with “Prisoners don’t play, they pray.”

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