It has now been confirmed that a total of ten American tourists have died while visiting the Dominican Republic in recent months. The tenth person was a man from Long Island, New York, Vittorio Caruso, who died on June 17.

Caruso’s sister, Lisa Maria Caruso, shared with News 12 Long Island that her brother, who was 56-years-old, was in the Dominican Republic as part of his retirement plan. She had first gotten a phone call that he was sick, but then minutes later got a call that he was dead.

Caruso and his brother had owned a pizza shop in Glen Cove for about 12 years, which they recently sold. Caruso died after some respiratory distress. Lisa Maria is still waiting to hear the autopsy results and is also working with the FBI and U.S. Embassy to get her brother’s body released and back to the States.

The first death of an American tourist in the Dominican Republic occurred during June 2018. The causes of these deaths all differ, ranging from natural causes, heart attacks or even just feeling sick after having a drink. Some hotels, like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cuna, have announced that they are removing their liquor dispensers from their bars since some victims were drinking before they had died.