Joyce Mitchell, the prison employee believed to have aided the escape of killers Richard Matt and David Sweat, reportedly thought she was in love.

Joyce Mitchell Thought She Was In Love With Richard Matt [REPORT]

Mitchell, a civilian employee of New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility who worked as an industrial training supervisor in the tailor shop, worked closely with both Matt and Sweat. She was first brought in for questioning on Monday, June 8, two days after Matt and Sweat escaped. On Wednesday, authorities confirmed that Mitchell had “some sort of role in assisting them,” but very few details on Mitchell’s alleged actions have been confirmed.

Early reports suggested that Mitchell, 51, had been manipulated or seduced by Matt, 49, who was sentenced to 25 years to life for abducting and killing a 76-year-old man in 1997. Sources confirmed that Mitchell had gotten close to Matt, telling NBC News, “She thought it was love.” However, contradicting reports claim that Mitchell, who is married, made no mention of love, but told investigators that Matt made her feel “special.”

Coincidentally, Mitchell was once suspected of being too close to Sweat, the other escapee, but an investigation found insufficient evidence to warrant any action against Mitchell.

On Saturday, the day the inmates went missing, Mitchell checked in to a local hospital after suffering from a panic attack, and some reports have suggested that she was meant to be the getaway driver, but became overcome with doubt. This report has not been confirmed.

Mitchell will face charges for her role in the escape, sources confirm, but the charges have not yet been filed or specified. It was reported that calls were made from Mitchell’s cell phone to associates of Matt’s, but the nature of these calls has not been disclosed. Mitchell is also believed to have brought contraband into the prison, supposedly for Matt and Sweat.

DA Andrew Wylie Confirms Joyce Mitchell Provided Escapees With “Tools”

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie confirmed on Friday that, while Mitchell violated the law by brining contraband – which could be anything ranging from toothpaste to drugs – she did not provide Sweat and Matt with the power tools they used in their escape. “Joyce Mitchell, based on our investigation, has not provided power tools. She has not provided any form of power tools to either Sweat or Matt,” Wylie told reporters.

In a separate interview with CNN’s New Day, Wylie revealed that Mitchell did, in fact, bring “some form of equipment or tools” to Sweat and Matt, but they were not power tools. CNN reported that the “tools” in question were “hacksaw blades” and “special glasses,” but Wylie refused to comment on any specifics.

Wylie added that Mitchell has continued to cooperate with police throughout the week, helping them gain a better understanding of Matt and Sweat, telling CNN, “She is fully cooperating. She has not exercised her right to request an attorney. She voluntarily seeks us out, comes in, and each day has been providing more – additional information that has assisted the investigators.”

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