Amazon released the newest version of its popular eReader and its affordable price and improved features make it a pretty good deal.

Amazon Releases New And Improved Kindle

Nine years ago, the commerce company unveiled the Kindle. The updated Amazon Kindle is the eighth version of the original device. It is thinner, lighter and available in black or white. Its Bluetooth audio also allows visually-impaired users to access automated readings via VoiceView audio.

The appeal of the eReader lies in its ability to give readers access to thousands of books at their fingertips without breaking their wrists. This version features 4GB of storage and measures 160mm x 115mm x 9.1 mm.  weighs only 161 grams and has a screen that is 6 inches across diagonally.

Screen glare, a pesky problem for tablets, doesn’t seem to be an issue with the latest iteration of the eReader–even in bright sunlight. The best feature of the new Kindle is its improved battery life. With Wi-Fi off it can last for a month before needing a recharge–the perfect beach eReader.

Critics are hailing the device’s simple interface and design which make it more akin to reading an actual book. TechAdvisor wrote “There are no distractions; it has touchscreen input, no backlight and just one physical button (sleep/wake/off).” Its intuitive design–tap anywhere to turn the page and swipe backward to go back a page–is more user-friendly than older versions of the eReader. Readers will also appreciate the lack of notifications and alerts that can distract them from getting lost in an infinite scroll of words. Wi-Fi allows users to sync their spot in the book with other devices, as well as connect with readers on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook.

Buy yours on Amazon for $79.99.

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