After Shane Gillis, 38, was asked to join the cast of Saturday Night Live last week, the comedian’s recent live appearances and podcast sessions, in which Gillis is heard using racial and homophobic slurs as well as sexist language, have been surfacing on social media.

In many of his jokes, he mocked Chinese, LGBTQ and mentally disabled people.

In a video from September 2018, Gillis and his co-host Matt McCusker are talking on their podcast, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. In the podcast, the two rate foreign women solely based on their ethnicity and then uncomfortably converse about going to Thailand and “partying with ladyboys” and try to joke about it.

While talking about race and racial tensions, the two comedians note their “level of racism” at some points of their jokes. In the same video, Gillis said, “Yeah, nice racism. Good racism,” and McCusker agreed and said, “That was good racism.”

In other segments, Gillis makes the claim that “white chicks are literally the bottom” when it comes to comedic expertise, refers to Judd Apatow and Chris Gethard as “white fa—- comics” and “f—ing gayer than ISIS” and refers to mentally disabled people as “retarded.”

Gillis made an attempt on Twitter to apologize for the unsettling clips. He said that as a comedian he pushes boundaries, as he is trying to be the best comedian he possibly can be. He claims that his intention is never to hurt anyone, although he knows how risky his comedic material can be.

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