Reports are coming in that Kara Alongi, 16, the teen from Clark, New Jersey, who was assumed to be a kidnapping victim after she disappeared from her home on Sunday night, tweeting that there was someone in her house, has now been classified as a runaway juvenile since her tweet was revealed to be a hoax.

Alongi disappeared from her Clark home on Sunday night while her family members were away, and when they returned at the time of the tweet ("There is someone in my hour ecall 911"), which had Alongi's followers phoning authorities, she was gone. A police investigation turned up no signs of foul play, however, reports NBC News. Authorities later revealed that someone matching Alongi's description had been picked up from her house by a local taxi company and dropped off at the Rahway, New Jersey train station.

"Kara might feel that she will be in trouble if she comes home after this scare and causing a panic," said Police Chief Alan Scherb after all signs started to point to Alongi leaving of her own accord. "At this point, all everyone cares about is seeing her safe and at her house where she belongs."

While friends, family and most of her Twitter followers were all concerned about Alongi, flooding her account with posts of support and good will, some were skeptical that anything had happened to her from the very beginning, when a tweet from her briefly popped up that said, "Why is everyone saying I'm missing? I was jkin haha." This second tweet was quickly deleted, however.

"She is currently still missing," Scherb told Patch. "But we are confident she left voluntarily. No abduction, no foul play. We are investigating this as a missing runaway juvenile."

A security camera at the Rahway train station also reportedly showed Alongi on the platform by herself, carrying a large purse and a backpack, waiting for the train to arrive.

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