A Catholic school in New Jersey is demanding an apology from Nick Cannon for what they deemed an offensive show during the university’s homecoming weekend.


The officials at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey, claim that the entertainer disregarded the terms of his contract with the school and “crossed the line” by using offensive language. University President Joseph Marbach said Cannon was told “to avoid vulgarity and explicit sexual content.”

“I want to acknowledge our profound disappointment with Nick Cannon, the featured artist for this past Saturday’s comedy show,” wrote Marbach in a statement. “While comedy often explores serious social issues in ways that are fun and thought-provoking, Mr. Cannon’s act crossed the line. His words were offensive and do not represent our Mercy core values. For that, we are deeply sorry, and the university has demanded an official apology.”

Cannon took to Twitter to express his feelings about the incident. “I ain’t apologizing for S–t LOL… wait, I’m sorry your university doesn’t believe in freedom of speech!!!” he said.

The fallout with Georgian Court University isn’t the first time Cannon has gotten in trouble for his comedy acts. He got in trouble with America’s Got Talent, which he used to host. He made a joke about the show being racist, and was asked to apologize, so he quit the job. Tyra Banks took over hosting duties.

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