M.I.C Gadget, a Chinese tech website, has revealed that Apple plans to remove the 16GB iPhone from its product range.

Insiders from the Taiwanese electronics group Foxconn told the website that the next iPhone, which is reportedly to be called 6S, will start from 32GB capacity, based on the fact that the employees didn’t see any iPhone packaging indicating a 16GB storage capacity. 64GB and 128GB will still be available though, according to the report.


In May, Apple also leaked a few information by putting on its website a photo of what looked like a different kind of iPhone 5C — with a Touch ID Home button. The firm didn’t confirm the existence of a new low-budget model but several tech websites are already speculating on these new iPhones will be offered as the iPhones 6C, 6S and 6S Plus.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple was planning “record number of new iPhones,” asking its suppliers “to make up to 90 million of the expected models by year-end.” The company already has sold 74.5 million iPhones during the first quarter of its fiscal 2015 year.

Removing a 16GB storage option was bound to happen, since popular apps, the software updates and the photos are taking a greater amount of storage capacity. Details on Apple’s plans are expected to be announced in September.

The iPhone 6S is also expected to have a brand-new Force Touch Screen, an updated NFC, new color options (other than the current silver, black and gold) and a better camera that will definitely help us have our photos featured in Apple’s “Shot On iPhone 6 Campaign.” #Lifegoals.

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