Sony released a new trailer for The Interview a day after the studio decided not to release the film on Christmas Day due to escalating threats from hacker group Guardians of Peace.

New ‘The Interview’ Trailer

“This Christmas,” begins the clip for the movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen that likely won’t ever hit theaters. “In Franco and Rogen we trust.”

In the 30-second promo for The Interview, Franco enthusiastically tells Rogen, “The CIA is asking us to be a couple James Bonds!” When they meet with a CIA agent, played by Lizzy Caplan, she tells them, “We have a dictator to kill,” adding, “You are entering into the most dangerous country on Earth.”

Once the unlikely agents touch down in North Korea, there’s a warm runway welcome followed by a daring adventure on a tank. After some authorities catch on to them, Rogen gets strip searched. Eventually his irritation and modesty give way, and he turns it into something of a strip tease, asking the North Korean policemen, “You like it?” as he gyrates in the buff.

As for the punchline of the clip:  To the question, “How many times can the U.S. make the same mistake?”  Franco replies, “As many times as it takes.”

Following a threat from the Guardians of Peace that hinted at violent attacks on American theaters that would rival 9/11, numerous theater companies backed out of airing screenings of The Interview. Not long after, Sony decided to drop The Interview‘s planned Dec. 25 release and shelve the movie altogether. In response to Sony’s decision, Hollywood has balked at the precedent set for the future of creative expression in the country.

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