New Girl's second season is winding down to a close but is about to pick up its intensity, as the last three episodes will follow the gang on the three consecutive days leading up to Cece's wedding and further explore Nick and Jess's relationship.

"[Nick and Jess] have sex at the end of [last night's episode], and the next episode starts the next day," executive producer Liz Meriwether told E! News. "It's just dealing with the aftermath of that and Cece getting married and all those complications."

Meriwether had a lot to say about the long-awaited sex scene that took place during Tuesday night's episode of the New Girl. Fans of the sitcom have been "shipping" the mutually unlucky-in-love roommates since the show began, so when they finally got together there was pressure to make sure it worked. “We wanted it to feel honest and, honestly, hot," Meriwether told Entertainment Weekly. "What’s fun is doing a genuinely sexy romance in a sitcom. That doesn’t always happen. “The characters themselves are such idiots when it comes to each other that it’s fun to figure out what new idiotic thing they will get up to," she added.

Actor Jake Johnson, who plays Nick, opened up about filming the sex scene with Zooey Deschanel. “Zooey and I are around each other close to naked a lot,” he told EW. “We have to dance in front of each other and do things that are pretty humiliating enough times so that, at this point, it wasn’t too weird.”

What's in store for the couple in the future? Neither Meriwether nor Johnson are willing to reveal too many secrets. However, they did reveal that whether or not Nick and Jess will decide to make a go of their relationship will be sorted out before season 2 comes to a close. And with Jess's father coming into town in next week's episode, there's sure to be some drama.

New Girl airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9/8c.

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