Well, this ought to be filling — oops, fulfilling. The principal cast members of the 1999 bawdy, breakout comedy American Pie are all showing up for American Reunion, set to hit theaters this spring, USA Today reports. And if the restricted red-band trailer premiering online Thursday at movies.msn.com is any indication, the fourth theatrical release in the Pie series, discounting four other straight-to-DVD spinoffs in the interim, will bring with it the requisite R-rated footage.

The cast of best friends — Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Eddie Kaye Thomas — who originally made the joint pact to lose their collective virginity before high school graduation will be joined by Seann William Scott, who played their nemesis Stiffler, and How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan, who uttered the famously shocking line about what she did at band camp.

Despite the chummy nature of Reunion, not every cast member is taking home an equal piece of the pie. Biggs and Scott each get $5 million, in addition to a portion of box office gross, while Hannigan and veteran Eugene Levy (who plays Biggs' father), will take home checks in the $3 million range, The Hollywood Reporter claims. The rest of the cast — including Klein, Thomas, Nicholas, Natasha Lyonne, Jennifer Coolidge, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth — is getting a much smaller cut, around $500,000 to $750,000, though bonuses might be in order if box office totals are high enough.

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