The first full-length trailer for this summer’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot was released on Sunday.

New Fantastic Four Trailer

The new, three-minute trailer, focuses on telling the origin story of the super heroes known as the Fantastic Four: The Human Torch/Johnny Storm, The Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and The Thing/Ben Grimm.

The trailer builds on the footage already shown in the original teaser trailer: Reed Richards, played by Miles Teller, works with Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), his two children, Sue (Kate Mara) and Johnny (Michael B Jordan) and Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell), to create a way to travel through dimensions. It is on this trip that the Fantastic Four become superheroes, and the new trailer finally lets viewers get a closer look at their powers. The Thing (Jamie Bell) flexes his muscles, jumping out of a helicopter and smashing a tank and Mr. Fantastic stretches his arms to propel himself forward.

Fantastic Four trailer-The Thing

The trailer also shows a few close ups of Johnny Storm becoming the Human Torch, though he doesn’t say “Flame On” in the new trailer, and gives viewers a glimpse at Sue Storm making herself invisible.

Fantastic Four trailer-Human Torch

Perhaps the most exciting reveal of the trailer is that of Victor Domanshev, also known as the supervillain Doctor Doom.

Fantastic Four trailer-Dr Doom

Fantastic Four will be released in theaters on Aug. 7.

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