Warner Bros. has announced the upcoming launch of its streaming service DC Universe, “a first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans.” There is not a whole lot of information currently available, but there is a website landing page, where you can enter your email address to sign up for updates.

Four series are set to be on the docket: a live-action Titans series, the animated Young Justice: Outsiders, the animated, R-rated Harley Quinn and the just-announced live-action Swamp Thing. (A fifth series, Metropolis, had also been announced, but reports are indicating that it has been pulled from the slate and will be “redeveloped.”)

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There are some big names behind these series. Titans will be written by Greg Berlanti (the super-producer behind the CW’s Arrowverse), Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman and DC veteran Geoff Johns. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing will be executively produced by James Wan, the horror maestro behind SawInsidious and The Conjuring.

While DC’s recent cinematic offerings have been mostly disappointing, its TV output on the CW has been consistently entertaining. Let’s hope then that DC Universe’s quality level is more similar to the small screen.

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I am skeptical for a few reasons, though. For one, this feels like the millionth Harley Quinn project that has been announced in the past few years. At least the Titans, Young Justice and Swamp Thing have been relatively underrepresented, so we can at least look forward to a change of pace with those options.

I also always have my doubts about the launching of any new streaming service. Can another one be viable when consumers are already subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, YouTube Red and all the rest? DC fans might be loyal enough to make this work out – I will be interested to see the results.

No specific launch date has been announced for DC Universe, but Titans is expected to premiere sometime in 2018 and Swamp Thing has been set for a 2019 debut.

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