Perhaps Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan was not satisfied with the reception his new Batman movie got at last week's CinemaCon in Las Vegas, when he showed the audience still footage from The Dark Knight Rises, which will star old mainstays Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman, as well as Batman newcomers Liam Neeson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, and Marion Cotillard (three of whom starred in Nolan's well-received 2010 summer flick, Inception).

Now Nolan has released a new trailer for the almost-assured 2012 blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, that reveals a little more information, including some solid sexual tension between Bale's Batman and Hathaway's Catwoman, some intense superhero torture inflicted by Hardy's Bane, and of course a few awesome one-liners like Hathaway's sardonic "I'm adaptable," and Hardy's ominous, "I'm Gotham's reckoning."

For more Gotham-on-the-verge-of-apocalypse, watch the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which will officially storm theaters on July 20, here:

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