Candy Crush has been transformed from a simple mobile game into a TV show.

The show will be a much larger version of the game that requires the use of your entire body (suspended on a harness) to form colorful candy combinations. Two specially designed video walls, each made up of 55 monitors and measuring more than 20-by-25 feet, require contestants to physically scramble as they compete for the weekly $100,000 prize.

Promoters of the show described it as “imagine if you were playing on your phone and got sucked through and were in a Candy Crush arena.”

“It’s been very important to us that this stay true to the core of how you play the game, and that it wouldn’t break what we think of as the core rules of Candy Crush,” Sebastian Knutsson, a King executive who helped develop Candy Crush, said.

The live-action Candy Crush game show will premiere on Sunday in the U.S. Mario Lopez will be hosting, and also appearing in each of the three Candy Crush Saga games for weekly TV tie-in events.

The original mobile game has become one of the most played mobile games in the world, with over one trillion rounds played since it was first launched by King Digital Entertainment in 2012.

You can watch Candy Crush Sunday on CBS at 9 p.m.

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