Netflix has released the first official trailer for the highly anticipated series Mindhunter.


The show, based on John Douglas‘ nonfiction memoir, will follow an FBI agent tracking serial killers. The tagline reads, “How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?”

Even more exciting, the director is renowned film director David Fincher, who is responsible for such movies as Fight Club and Seven. He also brought Netflix original House of Cards to the top of any TV lover’s list. Fincher is also an executive producer, along with Joshua DonenCean Chaffin, and Charlize Theron.

The show will star Jonathan GroffHolt McCallany and Anna Torv. Groff, of Glee and Hamilton fame, plays the title FBI agent. The trailer shows a series of scenes with Groff interviewing criminals and explaining that psychopaths must be studied in order to track their behavior.

“It’s not easy butchering people,” the trailer begins to ominous music, as a convict talks to Groff. “It’s hard work. Physically and mentally. I don’t think people realize we need to vent. You know there’s a lot more like me.” It also indicates that the mindsets of the criminals will rub off on Groff, which may prove problematic.

“You want truffles? You gotta get in the dirt with the pigs,” Groff’s voiceover says. The show will be available to stream on Netflix on Oct. 13. Check out the trailer below.

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