The French heist series Lupin is bizarrely the second European Netflix set to get robbed recently, with the robberies coincidentally occurring only one day apart. The thieves of the Lupin set went about their crime in a completely different fashion than the ones who stole props from The Crown in England the day before.

According to representatives for Netflix, the set for Lupin was in the middle of shooting in the Nanterre neighborhood outside Paris with series star Omar Sy when around 20 masked people flooded onto the set. The thieves disoriented the crew by throwing out mortar fireworks before making off with around $300,000 of equipment. Netflix confirmed that the robbery occurred on February 25. “Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries. We have now resumed filming,” the streamer said in a statement.

Since Netflix has the highest spending budget on content by a massive margin, it certainly tracks why thieves would target these productions especially as more and more are cropping up in locations that don’t see film sets all the time. And it seems like for both of these sets, the thefts simply caused some minor scheduling issues but did not cripple them logistically at all.

The high-energy rush and grab from the Lupin set was a far cry from the props heist that occurred the day before during production of The Crown season five. Those thieves chose to break into storage trucks while the crew was filming in another location. Both crimes are currently under investigation by authorities, and no arrests have been made.

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