Selena Quintanilla‘s family and Netflix are being sued over new television series about the late singer’s life.

The iconic superstar was murdered in a motel in 1995 by Yolanda Saldívar, president of her fan club, in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Moctesuma Esparza, who produced the 1997 Selena movie that starred Jennifer Lopez, claims to own the rights to her life story. After being shut out of the new show, Esparza filed a $1 million lawsuit against Netflix and Selena’s father and sister, Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla.

Selena: The Series, which stars Christian Serratos, premiered on Netflix on December 4. Esparza is suing for damages from an alleged breach of contract, claiming he previously developed the idea for a TV series featuring Selena’s early life but it was never fully realized.

“Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice,” the logline for the show reads. “The two-part coming-of-age drama Selena: The Series explores the once-in-a-generation performer’s journey as a young artist, from singing small gigs in Corpus Christi with her family to becoming one of the most successful Latin artists of all time — and the years of grit and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together before Selena’s meteoric rise to fame.”

On November 3, Selena’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled.

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