Netflix has canceled the hit political drama House of Cards following the Kevin Spacey sexual assault scandal that arose over the weekend.


Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual assault in the 1980s when he was just 14-years-old and Spacey was 26. Spacey did not deny the allegation, but simply said he did not recall the event. In the same apology, the actor chalked his behavior up to being drunk, and also came out as gay.

Spacey has drawn ire from fans and colleagues, and Netflix has decided to end the Spacey-helmed show House of Cards after its upcoming sixth season. They are now looking into possible spinoff ideas. A Netflix spokeswoman said they were already planning the end the show following the sixth season. The spinoff idea that is the farthest along would center around Doug Stamper, a political aide played by Michael Kelly. Details about spinoff plans are being tightly kept secret.

The streaming service and studio, Media Rights Capital, said they were “deeply troubled by [the] news concerning Kevin Spacey… Executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.”

Spacey has starred as the lead character, Frank Underwood, since the show’s debut in 2013. He has earned five Emmy nominations for the role. The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which awards International Emmy Awards, announced Monday that it would not honor Spacey with a founders award – he was due to earn it at the International Emmy Awards Gala on Nov. 20.

“Anthony Rapp’s story is deeply troubling. During the time I worked with Kevin Spacey on House of Cards I neither witnessed nor was aware of any inappropriate behavior on set or off,” said Beau Willimon, the creator of the show who left in 2016, in a statement. “That said, I take reports of such behavior seriously, and this is no exception. I feel for Mr. Rapp and I support his courage.”

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