Never has safety been more stylish and smart with the updated Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that, like all modern devices, comes with its own mobile app and the option to integrate functions with other Nest products.

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With a slim curved square shape and a steel mesh that is both aesthetically pleasing and capable of pulling in more smoke and CO, the biggest change to the Nest Protect is the elimination of the dangerous “Wave” feature, which allowed homeowners to turn off the alarm with a wave of their hand. Now, that silence feature has been relegated to the mobile app, from which users can also tie-in their Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam (which can be used to automatically record fire incidents when the alarm detects smoke). You can also program smart light bulbs around your home to flash red when the Nest Protect detects an emergency. Alerts and notifications off-app appear as colors on the circular ring of LEDs around the central on-off button. They can also be used as a motion-sensor nightlight, and the Nest Protect will speak when there is a warning, in addition to flashing yellow/orange or red in emergencies. For those wary of the reliability of connected devices, The Nest Protect can also function in the event when there is no WiFi connection. The Nest Protect update, along with its predecessor, offers early warnings about potential danger and can also alert a homeowner to the source of the smoke. Lazy about monthly checkups? The smoke and CO detector conducts quiet sound checks all by itself.

The device is simple to install, and can either be hard-wired or operate using AA batteries (which it also monitors over 400 times a day). Cnet‘s recent review of the device placed most complaints with the app, which is glitchy when it comes to logging test history and device activity.

The Nest Protect is pricier than your standard smoke alarm, but offers a pleasing design and feature to improve both safety and convenience. It also doesn’t chirp at 2 a.m.