Many controllers have been manufactured by third-parties to use for laptops, desktops and video game consoles. Of the numerous options on the market, 8Bitdo’s NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro offer a comfortable method to play your favorite games while supplying a retro feel.


The NES30 Pro is modeled after the western Nintendo Entertainment System whereas the FC30 Pro takes after the Japanese Famicom aesthetics. Beyond their appearances, they’re identical. Notably, both controllers will last you for 18 hours of play time before they need to be recharged.

According to 8Bitdo’s website, their NES and Famicom throwbacks are compatible with nine platforms: Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, the Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, the Wii and Wii U, and the PlayStation 3. The controller connects wirelessly through its Bluetooth capability.

If used for the Switch, it should be mentioned how some of the features that are highlighted in some of Nintendo’s controllers – amiibo compatibility, HD rumble, and s-axis motion controls – are not built-in to 8Bitdo’s Pros.

In terms of its size, the NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro are nicely sized, if a bit lighter and smaller than other controllers. However, while their smaller figure may render them uncomfortable to some, it does allow for compact products. The standard number of buttons are accounted for, placed in familiar orientations. However, the two left shoulder buttons and two right shoulder buttons are placed somewhat awkwardly next to each other.

8Bitdo’s NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro controllers each cost $42.99. Notably, if you’re looking for a more cost effective option than Nintendo’s own Pro Controllers, these are strong choices. The package also contains a Micro-USB cable and a carrying case bearing the slogan, “Everything Old is New Again.”

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