Taiwanese fisherman Wei Cheng Jian spends most of his days searching out sea creatures but he got a different kind of catch earlier this week.

Nemertea, Green Ribbon Worm That Looks Like Flubber

Originally posted to Facebook, Jian’s video shows a green pulsating worm-like creature inching it’s way along damp cement, pausing to viscerally eject a long tendril of pink goo.

Marine biologists have since identified the nightmarish thing as a nemertea, more unscientifically called a ribbon worm. The creatures typically live undersea and are believe to be able to grow to sizes up to 60-meters or about two and half tennis courts long.

The mystery pink ejaculate has also been identified as a proboscis, an appendage that serves a similar role to the human tongue if our tongues were poisonous, sticky or sharp enough for stabbing as the wide variety of proboscises in nemertea are.


If not sleeping for a week straight is what really floats your boat, check out these videos of nemertea which show the many genera of the monstrosities doing other equally foul things. We’ve included two below for you plus a palate cleanser at the end just because we care.

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