Digital Filmmaker Nelson Carvajal revealed his new mash-up trailer titled Incept Out just last week, and the video has been a hit all over the web.

Nelson Carvajal’s ‘Incept Out’ Trailer Goes Viral

Inside Out and Inception are completely different types of films, but they do have one specific thing in common — both movies attempt to analyze the ins and outs of the human brain. Carvajal asked the question: What might happen if our emotions got a little out of control and a little less colorful? He combined the two films together and came up with Incept Out.

The filmmaker re-invented the Disney/Pixar film, mixing it with Christopher Nolan’s 2010 science-fiction thriller in a mashup trailer set to the music of Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist” (the song that was used in the Inception movie trailer.) From Joy and Sadness’ journey home — to Riley’s interactions with her parents, the trailer appears to make scenes just a bit more frantic, and even more depressing than it already was.

The Incept Out trailer includes the same scenes used in the original trailer of Inside Out, but with a change on the funny upbeat tone that accompanied the original trailer. The mash-up mostly included only the movie scenes that highlighted Riley’s anger and the film’s saddest moments, along with deeper insights into what was going on with her emotions.

Overall the trailer makes Incept Out seem like a chilling edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller with animated colorful people. Watch the trailer for yourself and proceed with caution ― it may be difficult to keep your emotions in check!

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