Singer-songwriter Neil Young will release a live album and accompanying theatrical film in collaboration with his long time band, Crazy Horse, that will be called Return to Greendale. Both are set to release on November 6 along with a documentary, Inside Greendale.

The original Greendale album was released in 2003 and presented as a rock opera with accompanying dance performances. The ten-song opera portrayed the story of an eponymously named town of the Green family who have their lives disrupted when a police officer is murdered in their small town, forcing their daughter to move to Alaska. Calls for environmentalism and lamentations over corporate greed characterized Young’s music, as was common of many artistic pieces of its era. Young and his band quickly grew a following across their year-long tour of ten North American amphitheaters.

Young’s 2020 rendition of Greendale is expected to be as politically charged as ever. In August, Young filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump for the use of Neil Young & Crazy Horse music at his campaign rallies. These legal proceedings came only a few months after Young’s open letter to the President, whose title called Trump “A Disgrace To My Country.” Though Young is Canadian born, he retains dual citizenship in the United States and identifies with America.

The singer’s latest archival project Return to Greendale will coincide with the release of a ten-disc box set, Archives Volume 2: 1972-1976 followed by a 50-year anniversary edition of his popular albums.

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