Neil Patrick Harris showed up on The Late Late Show to challenge James Corden to a Broadway musical sing-off.


The popular late night talk show host has become famous for his singing voice and his fun musical skits. Harris was seemingly upset with Corden after he hosted the Tony Awards for acting like the “only TV star who can also sing Broadway tunes.” The duo went back and forth a few times, with Harris proclaiming, “some of us have actually won a Tony.”

And so, much to the delight of the audience, the two agreed on a Broadway musical riff-off right there on the show. Corden began with “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” from Guys and Dolls, followed up by “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy by Harris. Then they each then showed off their dramatic chops, with Harris belting out Company‘s “Being Alive” and Corden Les Miserables‘s “On My Own.”

Corden’s performance received a standing ovation from the crowd, as Harris looked peeved and Corden bowed with a flourish. Harris pretended to shed a tear before declaring that “being a Broadway star is not all about being pretty is it, it’s also about being sexy.”

“Oh you wanna see sexy,” Corden asked. “I’d love to see you try,” challenged Harris, to which Corden was taken aback, asking, “the f–k did you just say?” They both couldn’t keep in their chuckles.

Chicago‘s “All That Jazz” followed, with Corden’s sexiest Broadway dancing. Harris continued with “Sugar Daddy” from Hedwig and the Angry Itch. It’s safe to say Harris won that particular battle.

Corden was defeated, and asked why he even tries, and said, “as long as you’re around, I should just stop singing show tunes.” The audiences laughed, before Harris suggested singing together. They teamed up to belt out “My Shot” from the ever-popular Hamilton.

Check it out below.

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