Neil Gaiman is known for his writing of comic book series, novels and films, including productions  like The Sandman and Coraline. In 1990, Gaiman worked with author Terry Pratchett to write the novel Good Omens. A miniseries was then created this year based on the novel, with all six episodes written by Gaiman himself. The show premiered on Amazon Prime in May.


Now, the Christian group Return to Order has placed a petition to cancel the show on Twitter, which has over 20,000 signatures. The petition states that Good Omens is portraying God as a tyrant and the devil as good. Originally, Return to Order petitioned to Netflix to cancel this series, but have now discovered this series is shown on Amazon Prime. The signature goal for this petition is now 35,000.

On Twitter, Gaiman has responded to this petition and made it clear that he sees it as a joke.

Amazon Prime has also offered a response to this petition on Twitter, where they tag Netflix in it since Return to Order had originally petitioned to Netflix to cancel this Amazon Prime series.

Netflix also offered a response to this petition on Twitter.

Since June 19, Gaiman’s Twitter has received hundreds of re-tweets that support Good Omens and tweets of people who are Christian who see the show as a success.