Neil Diamond posted a coronavirus-friendly rendition of “Sweet Caroline” to Twitter on Monday to bring some much needed levity to the internet.

The video shows Diamond with his cute dog and acoustic guitar in front of a fireplace.

“I know we’re going through a rough time right now, but I love you, and I think maybe if we sing together, well, we’ll just feel a little bit better,” he says to introduce the song.

Diamond has switched up some of the lyrics to his famous song to make them more appropriate for social distancing. Instead of “hands touching hands,” Diamond sings “hands washing hands.” Plus the lyrics “reaching out, touching you, touching me” have been aptly changed to “reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”

The video seemed to be just what the internet needed, as it has been watched more than four million times on Twitter, and more than one million times on YouTube, as of Monday evening.

“Goodnight! We love you,” Diamond says as the camera pans to his sleeping dog and the clip ends.

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