NCIS’ final episode starring Cote de Pablo as Ziva David began with Tony (Michael Weatherly) touching ground in Tel Aviv, Israel where he quickly finds himself in the hands of Mossad agents who take him to their HQ.

At Mossad headquarters, Tony meets the director and reconnects with Adam (Damon Dayoub). The director tries to convince Tony that they’re all in the business of keeping Ziva safe. Tony opens up about the picture Ziva sent him of herself and Ari (Rudolf Martin), while Adam reveals that he may have seen Ziva near her old kibbutz burying a list in the garden. The list read, “Stop this for him.”

Back at the offices, Jarvis’ replacement, Secretary Sara Porter, meets with Vance (Rocky Carroll), Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Agent Fornell (Joe Spano). Porter wants to get right down to business and asks them what they know about The Brotherhood of Doubt. They reveal that Mendez has found a link from the Parsa terrorist cell to a new one, and that he should be under protective custody. Mendez, who serves as a board member for an anti-terrorism group, finally gives in to letting Fornell guard him. Later on at a hospital, Mendez answers a call on his cell phone that coincides with a bomb blast shaking the building.

In Israel, Tony goes with Adam to visit the apartment building where Ziva grew up and meets her childhood friend Deena Bashan. Not only does Bashan reveal that the note represented a “will,” but also that Ziva had spoken about Tony when she’d last seen her at the funeral of a mutual friend. Bashan seems to think that the “him” in the note is Tony.

McGee (Sean Murray), after informing Tony of the whereabouts of the Internet café Ziva had contacted him from, gets a project from Gibbs and Abby (Pauley Perrette) concerning the bullets that were shot into Tony’s apartment. The team soon determines that the shots must have come from the top floor of the adjacent building. When they arrive at the apartment in question, they find the tenant dead – eye-gouged by the sniper. After retrieving a partial print, Abby discovers possible suspect, Henry Coldwell, who was previously discharged from sniper training.

Tony and the Director of Mossad, upon visiting the Internet café, deduce that Ziva had possibly gone to the hospital across the street for medical care. She did, and she spoke with Bashan. In his second encounter with Bashan, Tony learns that in killing Ari, Ziva killed the man that was to propose to Bashan. Bashan does not forgive Ziva and hopes that she suffers the same pain of losing the person she loves – presumably Tony.

After finishing up a webchat with Gibbs and McGee, who are desperately trying to get him to give up hunting Ziva, Tony turns around to find her standing behind him. Ziva explains that she’s trying to move away from her past life after confronting the lasting effects of taking out people who had just been targets to her. Tony warmly offers Ziva her necklace back before telling her he understands what she’s doing, and offering to make a new list with her.

Gibbs and McGee learn from Wayne (Allan Louis) that Mendez is the one sending the threatening text messages. They try unsuccessfully to warn Fornell, as he’s distracted by the task of going with Mendez to meet with Walters. Wayne and Gibbs ultimately team up and take down Mendez. Mendez goes down, but both Fornell and Wayne get wounded in the process.

With the new list, Ziva and Tony head to an olive grove to bury it. Tony asks Ziva to skip one thing on her list – never returning to NCIS. She won’t go back to D.C. with him, but she will tell him she loves him. The two kiss passionately at the airport before they wave their final goodbyes. Once he boards the plane, Tony realizes Ziva gave her necklace back to him.

NCIS airs Tuesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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